Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Cultural Thing

Newcastle City Library
Hi There
I contribute to a local community radio station\website The Cultural Thing
We have teamed up with Newcastle City Library to create a Culture Zone.

In this zone we will be celebrating the culture of the North East, the fabulous music and art that comes from the region.
We are working with the library to compile and catalogue a comprehensive selection of local music that the public can borrow.
By doing this we are hoping that the local music scene will benefit massively.
I am hoping that other libraries around the region will also take this scheme up. There is so much talent that is out there.
If you would like your cd\dvd catalogued and made available for hire then please get in touch with me at

We will also be publicising local gigs around the Newcastle area, so if you have any posters\flyers that you want placing in our stands then please send them.

As well as musical content all aspect of North East culture will be publicised, so if you have anything that you can contribute then again please get in touch.

Michael Hunter

Sponsored by No Nonsense PAT!
AJ is a Teesside based artist and co-founder of the Peg Powler Gallery. An active member of Teesside's D.I.Y. music and arts scenes, AJ's art projects, including the comic book 'Estelle', feature on the website AJ's favourite wrestler is Bull Nakano.
Drew is the main presenter of 'The Cultural Thing'. He has been volunteering in radio for a couple of years and has developed some good programme ideas; broadcast from Tynedale radio in Hexham, Northumberland. Drew is also a model, and finds conspiracy theories 'very interesting'. He supports Newcastle United. You can contact Drew from here.
Gari is the editor and co-presenter of 'The Cultural Thing'. He has been involved in the arts for over 30 years and is interested in the social aspects of art. He loves to travel and passionately believes in the power of the citizen over establishment.
James is the resident gamer of 'The Cultural Thing'. He has been attending the University of Teesside for four years, completing a course in Computer Games Programming. He enjoys creative writing and is a fan of Progressive Music and Science Fiction. He also runs a gaming blog at
Jonathan is the Podcast guru here at 'The Cultural Thing'.. He freely admits an addiction to gadgets and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, particularly about technology and science. He rarely goes anywhere without headphones on, listening one podcast or another. Aside from that, he's a proud dad and a basketball fan. He writes a personal blog about tech and various other stuff. Find out more about Jon here.
Michael does the round-ups from for the Tyne and Wear area. He knows all there is on free or really cheap family days-out. He's been to more festivals than you can shake a glo-stick at.� He's a one-time stand-up comic, and is a mountain/fell walker.�He currently does local theater reviews at his website Spike Mike
Neil is a Freelance Film/Video Editor. His work over the last six years has covered a mixture of drama and corporate work, including six commissioned short films and an HD feature, which have been screened at film festivals around the world. He also writes and directs short films.
Rebecca does the round ups for the Teesside area. She works as an artist and is the co-founder of the 'Peg Powler Gallery' in Stockton-on-Tees. Rebecca can also be found working for local arts festivals, taking photographs and working in the Saltburn based gallery 'ArtsBank'.

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