Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few negatives, a whole load of positives

Hi there....
I was asked by my local newspaper to submit a review for the forthcoming 'Oliver' production at Jarrow Community Centre. Every review that I had done before this, was emailed off to them, none had been used for publication, but the fact that I was sending them off, was getting through.
The News editor said they were short staffed and was I going along any way. I said that I wasn't, but would do it for them. I went along-did my bit, drunk the wine that was provided for the invited press (me) and the mayor of South Tyneside.
It was a really good show, as my review showed..I was worried that I might have to compromise my style of writing to fit in the with the standard of 250 words, but I managed.
I was given the cut off time of 9am the following morning to submit my review to make sure it went in that days publication, this all went like clockwork..it seemed too easy.
I was delirious all that day, that my first theatre review would be in print...everybody would know that them words were mine...my chart to being snapped up by a top review broadsheet would be in my grasp.. haha
Come the time for me to finish work, and low and behold all my excitement came to a stop when it wasnt in.
Were my words not good enough..were the newspaper going to send somebody more competent to review it the next night...all the negatives that you could throw at something were being chucked by me like nasty arrows at the dartboard of reviewing.
The next morning I emailed my contact at the newspaper and she said it should be in the next edition, as they had to shift things around at the last minute.
I was less delirious that day, as I was a bit muted to say the least The time came when I managed to grab a look at the new edition and there it was-my review...all 250 words screwed up to a paltry 196, edited with different words (one of their words was misspelt) and no mention of my name at the bottom, like all the other reviews in the paper.
I was a bit upset over all of this, and again I fed off an email to my contact. I expected her to come back straight away and more or less say ' well that is the way it is'.
Nothing came for a week, and when it did I was over the moon with her reply.
She said that the editing people are often a bit scissor happy, but the spelling mistake and the removal of my name should not have happened, and that it will not happen again...!!!Will not happen again, that means that she wants more of my work, my initial fears of sloppyness were put out of my mind...she wanted to use my work again..!!!WOW.
Our email contact continued and she said that any review that I submit independently that fall within the boundaries of the footprint of the paper(South Tyneside)will be printed, she also asked me whether I wanted to review another local production next month...

So all good up to now.

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