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Totally Over You review Junior Westovians Pier Pavilion, South Shields September 1st 2010

Totally Over You review
Junior Westovians
Pier Pavilion, South Shields 
September 1st 2010

Fame !!! It is a strange thing.
We have all yearned for it somewhere along the lines.
For some of us that haven’t got it, even one day would be nice - to reap all the rewards of having our face plastered all over the papers, to be seen in all the right places or having the ladies (or gentlemen) flock at our feet.
Sometimes those that do have it, try far too hard to shy away from the limelight and hope it will all go away…. so it is a tricky business.
None more so for the teenagers of today.
Bright lights and record contracts are waiting just around the corner for anybody that is willing to put themselves up on view to the awaiting public.
One hit, one box office smash, that is all it could take to throw somebody into a new life of flash cars and the party lifestyle that would suit Kings and Queens. 

An overnight success is all that Kitty, Rochelle, Hannah and Sinita want to achieve, they want all the glitz, all the glamour of becoming today’s Paris Hilton or Tamara Beckwith, the Socialite regime.
They have a good comfortable life at school, and their ‘hanging on their every word’ boyfriends, but it isn’t enough for them…they have seen all the glossy magazines, they have read about all the fame and fortune that could be got.
They want it !!!
Nothing will get in their way !!!
Not even the loving boyfriends.
Splitting up with Jake, Dan, Tyson and Frankie came easy to the girls, but the sorrow that was left behind has focused the lads on trying their best to win over the girls and get them back.
An idea is plotted and the lads conjure up a scheme that will hopefully not only get the girls back…but also seek some sort of revenge.
With help of the local drama class the boys pull out all of the stops and pretend that they are on the road to fame by becoming "Awesome" the new Boy band on the scene and posting press conferences for the new up and coming single "Totally Over You".
This whole hype is exactly what the girls originally wanted…
Would they be able to cope with losing out on what the lads have to offer?
What will happen when the truth is outed?
Is the grass really greener on the other side? 

Totally Over You written by Mark Ravenhill is a witty social commentary play, acted out by the brilliantly talented Junior Westovians.
On stage the fun wasn’t only in the play, but it was on the faces of the players, they really enjoyed what they were doing, and that showed in the performance tonight.
The entire cast gave a very good account of themselves and as the play moved on in different rapid directions the cast became more and more confident.
The updating of certain words and scenes to the original script, was a joy to behold. Joint directors Kylie Ford and Rachael Walsh (in their first production) have given this a very contemporary feel…it felt good to be laughing along to things that possibly only a teenager should only be laughing to.

Daniel Lee as the Nerdy friend-come pretend band manager Victor was my star of the show, his ‘pretend’ acting to get the girls to believe the whole hype was very funny, and as Victor his ‘bigger than life’ band manager status was totally convincing.

If you are looking for a good laugh and some cracking acting, then Totally Over You is the hour-long play that you need to see.
I came back from the Edinburgh Festival last weekend and saw some great performers, Totally Over You and the Westovians could well be a future hit,maybe something to think about!!!
Totally over you is performed every night until September 4th at 7.30pm…tickets are priced at £3.50


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