Sunday, July 11, 2010

I dont actually mean break a leg

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It's just what they say on stage,when they want you to have a good time,and to make a fist of things. .

I am Spikemike,aka Michael Hunter,and this is my attempt to inform and entertain the world in my scribblings.

I have been for the past couple of years,submitting a week by week list of gigs,theatre and anything Cultural,to a North East of England Community radio programme called The Cultural Thing.
This programme is picked up by 3 local Community radio stations and it also has a slot on Ex pat internet Radio. .
The Cultural Thing

More recently my passion for getting my message across,has led me to delve into the world of interviewing,and reviewing some of the events that I am publicising.
The Cultural Thing website is in its infancy,it will be getting a revamp.
I also dont have any editorial control over that website,so this blog is purely me and my words . .
I am very excited about this venture,and will quickly pick up what is needed to get my points across.
My aims are simple- to get more people out from the rut of tv dinners, for me to enjoy the theatre and the arts,like I have done,since I saw Grease and Star Wars,back in the day

I am making more and more contacts in the Cultural world day by day,and it is very much like a 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' approach to it all. .
Basically,offer me a couple of Press tickets to a ticketed event in North East England(theatre,cinema,stand up comedy,public speaking(cultural of course)) and I will review it(totally unbiased). . This will not only feature on this blog,and The Cultural Thing website,but I will also submit it to my facebook page and to the local and national press.
I would be happy to come along to final dress rehearsals,as well as 'Press Nights',would also like to continue to meet casts and directors,to see what makes them click.

I really want people to embrace what they have around them,and to enjoy stuff that isnt going to break the bank.
If I can get a few more bums on seats,by people who wouldnt normally head to Cultural events,by reading my review,then I will have achieved some of my aims. .


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  1. david.cooke@sky.comJune 15, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Hi Michael

    It's David Cooke, your favourite interviewer. I hear you want a copy of the interview. I've asked Ruth to get the memory stick and then we can sort it from there. Now I've located you I shall read some of your reviews etc.

    keep well


  2. Cheers David...that would be great

    Thanks a lot...I have added your email addy to my theatre email list, so you will get a copy of the link straight away

    Cheers Again