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Guys and Dolls review July 13th 2010 People's Theatre,Newcastle

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Guys and Dolls review July 13th

People's Theatre

Take a girl with the heart for Jesus, the Gamblers with only money and the quest for getting around the system and the streets of New york and you have the scene set for a sassy Musical play.

All Nathan Detroit wants to do is to bet his misfortune away and mix with the gambling Mafia, his fiance Miss Adelaide is having none of it and dreams of settling him down, getting the diy paint brush in his hand and creating the perfect marriage with the two up,two down lifestyle.
Nathan is all full of promises, until the lure of the big win on the horses,or the big card game takes him into his dream move of being one the of the big hitters on the underground betting movement.

Sarah Brown the woman on a mission-'literally'as the Missionary leader who wants to rid the town of all the betting, the drinking,grab it all and instill the love of God into everybody.
Sky Masterson comes into the picture as the high flying money man, who has been set a bet by Detroit for $1000 to secure a location for the 'big crap game'-his bet is that Masterson cannot get Sarah to journey on a date and jet off to Havana with him for the night!!!

What ensures is a wonderful tale of hussle and bustle in the 'big Apple' that bursts with song,dance and lots of humour.

Keith Wigham as Detroit is simply stunning as he tries to please not only his wife to be, but the peer pressure from the Mafia hoodwinks.
Equally are Moira Valentine as Adelaide, who momentarily sings and dances her cares
away,Jonathan Carlile as Masterson who is set for the biggest gamble of his life and Laura Grayson who carries off Ms.Brown with so much elegance and grace, that it would even make me even want to sign up on the Holy Bible.

The rest of the cast do a sterling job of securing what is one of the best acted amateur musical plays I have seen in a long while!!!

Director Anna Dobson, had a task on her hands, when she didnt have enough men to star in the show, but thank goodness she won over that one! Her direction was flawless as the actors were fantastic, as they confidently graced the stage.

Two Franks are worthy of a mention, Frank Loesser who wrote the Music & Lyrics and Frank Sinatra who originally starred in the 1955 film of the same name, would have been so proud of this Production. I simply didn't want it to end.

Guys and Dolls sends out a message that love can conquer all, and you wont be disappointed if you head over in the next week to see it!!!

Guys and Dolls is playing until 17th july...go on grab your coats, you will have a fantastic time.

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